Embracing Islam
Extracts from The Book of Exile

This amazing book of memories, meetings, travels and teachings spans the first half of the life of the Shaykh, from his earliest memories of the sacred Bible stories from the lips of his grandmother in the early 1940’s to his reversion to ‘Islam in Jerusalem to his departure for Makkah in 1975. In the course of this journey we are introduced to his early teachers, met by ‘chance’ encounters in the churches, museums and studios of New York; we pass with him through his years as an avant-guarde artist at the beginnings of pop art and psychedelic art in New York, finding the mysterious and the sacred in everyday objects, creating the first sound & light shows, leaving that, the worlds of awakening consciosness, meetings and associations with many of the leaders of and spiritual change in the 60’s and 70’s; we learn of life at the Lama Foundation, high in the mountains of New Mexico: India; Europe; then Jerusalem, and a series of profound and life-changing encounters with Jewish, Christian and Muslim mystics; return to America, the establishment of one of the earliest outposts of Islam in the western U.S., and finally departure to the ancient house for Hajj and study.


This volume was written in response to a request from Shaykh Nuh ha Mim Keller for a 30 page essay on how Shaykh Nooruddeen came to Islam. Over 900 pages and one year later, he had written the first half of his remarkable life. Part 2: Inside Out, may be expected sometime, Insha’llah.


Details: Hard Cover, hand sewn, leather quarto binding with illustrated photos and charts. 900+ pg. | Hadiyah: $99.99