Zakat & Sadaqa Fi Sabili’Llah

As-salaamu alaykum dear friends of Shaykh Nooruddeen, an-Noor and the Green Mountain School: We ask for peace and blessings on His Prophet and on his family, on all the believers and on you.


You all know the value of sadaqa jariyiah, you all know the value of du’a’. If you can give, thank you. If you can pray for us, thank you. We would like to continue the work, but as He wills. The work of Shaykh Nooruddeen Durkee is a work of Allah, for Allah and by Allah. We have no foundation, business or government support.


If you have kept in touch, you know that our work has prospered, grown, spread and that many people profit from the lectures, teachings, khutbas, books and meetings that have been produced and are going on at the Islamic Study Center. It is an island of sanity, what the Shaykh calls “a temporary autonomous zone”, where all are welcome, fitna is not allowed, the food is good, the prayer is frequent, and the praises of Allah are many. Some people say it reminds them of home. Some say it is home. Some say there is nothing like it in America. Some wonder why they didn’t know about it sooner. Some want to move in. Mr Yusuf calls it “this precious room”. He had not heard the salawat from the time he moved to the USA in the 1950s until he came to us. And now over 200,000 people in 84 countries have heard Sh Nooruddeen praise the Prophet, (s), via the ISRA website. The refugee and immigrant children served by the school are growing up with the knowledge that there are Muslims here who care for them and are willing to teach them, both adult volunteers and student mentors from the University of Virginia.


If you have not been in touch, please take a look at the website where you will find descriptions of the activities, lists of all the books, CDs and DVDs, and downloadable audio files in great numbers including the most recent topics: Peace, Justice, Mercy, Love and Freedom. We are not an ordinary place and we have trusted in Allah to send His people and His rizq and His guidance.


We ask for your du’a’ for yourself, your family, and for an-Noor. Please donate generously to include yourself in sadaqa jariyiah, Inshallah. Click on the Donate Button below to pay securely via Paypal.