All of Our Projects
The Islamic Study Center

The Islamic Study Center in Charlottesville, VA, very near the University of Virginia. At the Center we have various activities for children, adults, new Muslims, students at the University, and students of the Shaykh.
•    School: Our after-school program runs four days a week for children of refugees and others as well. They do their homework with mentoring/tutoring from University MSA students who volunteer their time to teach all the secular subjects of maths and language needed for those kids to adjust and succeed in the American system. They also make at least one salat in jammat, perfecting their wudƒu and adab as well as learning the words of the prayer. (Many of them have a very vague notion of what they are doing and these lessons are invaluable). They all study Qur’an, one on one or in small groups, learning to read the Arabic and to recite.
•    Sunday Evening Meetings: Meeting of students and visitors with Shaykh Nooruddeen for salat, conversation (subhah), dinner, Qur’an recitation and dhikr. These meetings are the ‘backbone’ of the center, when knowledge and teachings are transmitted both individually and collectively.
•    Monthly Meetings: All day seminars, usually with three teachers, Sh. Nooruddeen, Sh. Abdur- Rasheed from nearby Bedford, VA, and a visitor either in person or by video. Good food, good friends, good time had by all, and everybody is welcome without charge. These meetings are webcast and viewed world-wide, as well as being attended by as many as 100 people from both Virginia and nearby states. The lectures can be heard on line; they are also available as MP3 or in printed form and can be purchased at or at the Center.
•    Community Service: The Center acts as a conduit for zakat and sadaqa sent from many places and delivered anonymously to needy families. It is also a source of information and literature to Muslim prisoners who write from all over the US, and for non-Muslims who have questions about Islam. Visitors are welcome on Sundays; those who want to know more about Islam, Muslims wanting clarification and assistance in their lives, foreign guests passing through the university, and also the occasional joyful wedding ceremony.
•    Library: We maintain an extensive library of books on Islam and related fields which is open and available for those who wish to do research and study. We accept books donated by individuals which help build up the collection.