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One afternoon about fifty years ago a small group of Americans and Europeans were sitting on the floor of a mudbrick masjid they were constructing in the mountains of northern New Mexico. This diverse group had picked up pieces of Islam from many people and places and now shared a burning desire to worship Allah and to understand and live in the deen. At that moment they were practicing Surah Ya Seen from transliteration written on a blackboard on the wall by Shaykh Nooruddeen.


Jump fifty years to now and find some of this same group sitting in a small Islamic Study Center and school in Charlottesville, Virginia, listening to a diverse group of students in a beautiful memorized recitation of Surah Ya Seen. In those early days we learned from small pamphlets passed from hand to hand, from the tales of visitors who stopped by to share their knowledge and their adventures, from libraries of religious or esoteric books that had small hints about Islam, a religion of the Arabs or something far away, seldom explained in the present tense or only explained in a language we did not yet know.


It’s all different now. The whiteboard has transformed into the beautiful printed Transliterated Tajwidi Qur’an, now in its second printing and much beloved by students. And although we receive calls and mailings from very large Islamic schools and Masajid all over the world, all wanting help, we realize that working on a small and personal scale in one place still has great value, for individuals who want to study and teachers who want to teach, for prisoners and phd’s and people seeking mates and families seeking new homes and on and on. And we realize that “If you build it, they will come!” So we participate as fully as we can increasing both public and private awareness of Islam; what we do is the da’wa, “the call” for the external and internal spread of the Deen.


The first message of the Qur’an is “Read!” Knowledge is the most important quality of a Muslim. So we concentrate on teaching and learning. Teaching children, mainly but not entirely from refugee and immigrant families, all the aspects of Islam that they need to know to function as Muslims as they grow, and often things their parents have overlooked and certainly their schools have never taught: how to make a proper wudu, all the words and gestures and attitudes of salat, polite behavior towards teachers and fellow students and especially parents (adab), helpfulness, co-operation, stillness, concentration. The kids come after school for two hours during which time they are busy full time reading, writing, helping, and also completing their school homework. They love it, they phone on weekends and holidays asking why we can’t have school that day. Everybody eventually learns how to lead the prayer, what kinds of regular ‘american’ clothes are really OK for us to wear, how to serve snacks and clean up afterwards, and most important, how to read the Qur’an in three languages: English, transliteration, and Arabic. And how to write it as well.


  • Feeding people, every Sunday night, all occasions and ‘Eids, every night of Ramadan
  • Keeping a big Islamic library where anyone can read and study
  • Managing small Muslim weddings and other ceremonies for people who don’t want to be extravagant but want a dignified and beautiful sacred event.
  • Traveling every week to a different masjid for Sh Nooruddeen to give the khutbah and for conversations and questions afterwards. These talks, which are recorded, reach about 500-700 people a month in person, and many many more on line all over the world.
  • Providing a place for visiting students to stay either at the Center or in our homes if possible
  • Providing advice and counseling for those who need it and for people who are curious about Islam
  • Publishing and distributing the books of the shaykh and others, which amount to about 90 so far and are available at the Center and on our website where there are also articles, news, pictures, et.
  • The ongoing work of training and learning, meeting every week for a meal, conversation, questions, a dars from the shaykh, Qur’an recitation together, salat, dhikr, and du’a’


And working continually on ourselves and with others for the realization of peace and justice. As Allah says,  “I will not change a people until they change themselves.”


If you would like to help, we need help, and Allah blesses both the needers and the helpers. We are volunteers who try hard to keep the Center alive and well and work ongoing. Those of you who have been such a big help before, we thank you and hope Allah continues to bless you with abundance and generosity.


To those of you who don’t know of us, please write, or come by; check the website where all the books and the Shaykh’s talks are available. Thank you and we pray Allah help you for the best in whatever you are doing and wherever you are going.


an-Noor Foundation runs the Green Mountain School and website and sponsors the distribution of the books of Shaykh Noorudden Durkee and supports the Islamic Study Center for the purification of wealth and hearts by the distribution of knowledge & zakat. Not supported by any government or large foundation or organization, just Muslims & friends.


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A Message from Shaykh Nooruddeen Durkee


We must say no to the culture of death, the culture of corruption, the culture of pollution, devastation, rape and pillage of the earth and the oppression of the people who live upon it.
Brothers and sisters say “Yes!”


Yes and yes again to the message of the Messenger ﷺ who was sent as rahmahtu-li-l-‘alamin, a mercy to all the worlds, to all people, to all nations. A mercy not just for Muslims. Not just for Sunnis, or Shi’i or Salafis or Sufis. Not just for Malikus or Shafis or Hanabalis or Hanafis or Jafaris.


But as a mercy for all. For blank, white, yellow, brown and red; for young and old, or man and woman, for rich and poor, for learned and ignorant, for the wise and the fools.


So say yes to the true message of Muhammad ibn Abdullah ﷺ the message of peace, justice, mercy, love and freedom.


Say yes now before the door closes.


Anas ibn Malik reports, “I heard the Messenger of Allah say, “Oh Muslims! Roll up your sleeves for the matter is very serious indeed. Get ready because the departure is near. Take provisions, for the journey is far. Lighten your loads, because there is an insurmountable obstacle which only people with a light load can cross.


Indeed before the Hour there are very hard affairs, great horrors and difficult times, in which the oppressors will rule and the godless will be leaders and those who order the good will be suppressed and those who forbid evil will be unjustly treated.”


Prepare for all this by having true faith in Allah. Brothers and sisters, love one another, be peaceful with one another, be just, have mercy, resorts to good deeds, remember Allah much and persevere in hardship; you will wind up with eternal joy.